Windows 10 abruptly crashes during Team Liquid vs MiBR CS:GO match

. 3 years ago

Twitch audiences were met with one of the most unexpected blue screen errors during FACEIT TV’s May 16 broadcast for one of the day’s more hyped Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro matches.

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ECS Season 7 has kicked off with thousands of viewers tuning in to watch some of the best names in CS:GO like Team Liquid and MiBR but that’s only if the production’s equipment is working well.

At the close of a pivotal round in the early stages between the two CS:GO giants, the stream suddenly went buzzing before a STOP error flashed across FACEIT’s streams.

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Not even CS:GO tournament organizers are immune from the infamous blue screen.

Team Liquid’s Jake ‘stewie2k’ Yip had just landed a clean AWP shot on João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos to end the round which got his team close to MiBR with a scoreline of three rounds to seven.

The next round was about to load up when the stream’s video immediately froze while blaring an alarming sound that gave way to a sad blue faced screen.

The cause of the issue is unknown, but that didn’t stop Twitch audiences from giving their respectful “F”’s in chat while FACEIT worked to resolve the issues.

Even as the stream lost around four minutes of screen time, Twitch audiences only lost a couple of round of Counter-Strike. Before going offline, Liquid had just made it 3-7, but upon return the game was at 4-8.

(Sound warning for the clip below)

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How did the the series between MiBR and Team Liquid end?

Team Liquid and MiBR faced off in a best of three to cap off the competitions for the fourth day of the fourth week in the NA ECS.

The game that was interrupted by the blue screen was only the first map in the series, which the Brazilian powerhouse took in a convincing 16-6 fashion on Mirage.

While the North American organization were able to put up a better fight on Vertigo, MiBR outplayed them on crucial rounds ending in a scoreline of 16-11.

Team Liquid are going to look to put on a stronger performance next week to qualify for the ECS Finals, while the production team might keep a closer eye on their stream to keep it healthy throughout the games.

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