CSGO: Shox no longer the favorite to join Team Vitality

Kamil Malinowski

Team Vitality are currently shaking up their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad, and have reportedly changed their focus from French star Richard ‘shox’ Papillon.

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Vitality announced that Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt was removed from the squad on September 7, after a disappointing quarter-finals exit from the StarLadder Berlin Major.

They have since been looking for a replacement, with reports suggesting that G2 Esports star shox is the team’s number one choice after he was reportedly removed from the active G2 lineup. However, talks have allegedly broken down between the two teams and Vitality are looking at an alternative option.

StarLadderVitality may no longer be going after G2’s shox.
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According to 1pv.fr, Team Vitality were after shox due to his skill and experience, but they feel that G2’s asking price for the veteran is too high. Therefore, the French team have decided to look towards free agent Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey.

KioShiMa is no slouch himself, having represented top teams like LDLC, Envy, and FaZe Clan over his lengthy career and even winning two Majors in the early years of CSGO. He would be available almost immediately and not cost a large transfer fee, giving the team ample reasons to sign him.

ESLKioShiMa may be Vitality’s new player.
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Many fans have been eagerly awaiting Kio’s return to the competitive scene after his short spell with an international Cloud9 squad came to an end in March 2019. With the French scene looking to shake things up, he may finally have a chance to compete again.

Vitality have not yet commented about their potential replacement for NKB, and after pulling out of BLAST Pro Series Moscow, the team has ample time to decide on their new member, as their next event starts almost three weeks away on October 1.