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Cosplayer reveals her jaw-droppingly accurate World of Warcraft Orc outfit

Published: 23/Apr/2019 13:52

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite Battle Royale for costumes in a bid to one-up their fellow enthusiasts.

Yet, taking on something as difficult as a lifelike re-creation of an Orc from WoW may just be one of the most challenging cosplays to pull off. However, KaldoreiCosplay went above and beyond to deliver her stunningly accurate look.

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BlizzardOrcs in WoW can have incredibly detailed or simply basic looks.

World of Warcraft Orc cosplay

The outfit included all the key details of a World of Warcraft Orc, with KaldoreiCosplay going all out on different shades of green bodypaint to really bring the look to life.

She also added some stylish red armor plating, complete with protective shoulder spikes. While obviously impressive, the spikes were not a full-scale replica. However, they may have been for the best as you don’t want to accidentally poke someone’s eye out as they try and take a photo of your costume.


There’s also some incredible detailing on the arm gauntlets, including the necessary sigil and more spikes to ward off any enemy who crossed her path.

KaldoreiCosplayA full photo of KaldoreiCosplay’s Orc look.

Going above and beyond for Cosplay

The cosplayer also detailed the exhausting lengths she went to in a bid to complete her outfit by adding impressive looking Orc teeth coming out of her mouth, to make her really look like the character.

“I made a mold of my actual teeth, which is a weird experience, heads up,” she said, explaining the full look to one impressed fan. “Then from there, I used something called friendly plastic to build up the shapes I wanted. This meant that they clipped onto my teeth and didn’t fall out or anything.”


Some cosplayers may use photo editing software to really make their outfit pop, but with something like KaldoreiCosplay’s look, there’s no need for extra filtering because it’s already completely awesome.