Batman & Superman: World’s Finest introduces Nightwing’s new movie-inspired costume

Batman fights Kingdom Come BatmanDC Comics

The first Robin of another Earth makes a splash in Batman & Superman: World’s Finest, and he’s sporting a slick new costume, too.

The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are in big trouble in the latest Batman & Superman: World’s Finest arc. The two have found themselves stranded on the Earth of the dark ‘90s classic Kingdom Come, battling their doppelgangers from that world. 

In Kingdom Come, the heroes fans know and love have retired or been killed, with a younger generation of reckless, increasingly violent heroes taking their place. World’s Finest explores the period just before that with our Batman and Superman stranded on the Earth. 

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Given a fight with the Batman and Superman of Kingdom Come, it was only a matter of time before a version of Nightwing appeared. However, this version of Dick Grayson is sporting a surprising new look. 

Warning: Spoilers for Batman & Superman: World’s Finest #21 will follow.

Nightwing gets a movie-inspired costume in Batman & Superman: World’s Finest

Nightwing arrives on the scene in Batman & Superman: World’s Finest #21 sporting a slick red and black number. It’s a modified take on his traditional “finger-stripes” costume with a more bat-like chest emblem and red utility belt. He’s also sporting an all-black (albeit Robin-length) cape. 

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Obviously, the look is a riff on two iconic Nightwing costumes: his red New 52 look and the big-screen version of the Nightwing costume from 1997’s infamous Batman & Robin

But the suit has an even more interesting history for that in the eyes of longtime readers. For fans of Kingdom Come, this is the next step in the history of this version of Dick Grayson, who did not appear as Nightwing in the original story. 

Nightwing red costume Kingdom Come EarthDC Comics
Nightwing’s updated Kingdom Come costume bridges the gap between Nightwing and Red Robin

Although Dick Grayson had been Nightwing for well over a decade by that point, 1996’s Kingdom Come instead put him in a new identity, Red Robin. He’s established as having long since retired and left the superhero business to Nightstar, his daughter with fellow Teen Titan Starfire. 

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The Red Robin costume is much more evocative of a traditional Batsuit, with its red tunic, flowing cape, and Michael Keaton-inspired cowl design. This red, updated Nightwing costume almost bridges the gap, establishing a Dick who has begun to adopt some of Batman’s more theatrical approaches. 

Batman & Superman: World’s Finest #21 is available now from DC Comics. For more Batman & Superman and comic book news, be sure to follow all of Dexerto’s coverage

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