Birds of Prey reveals who would win if Harley Quinn and Batman’s toughest kid fought

Birds of Prey #1 cover artDC Comics

The debut issue of the new Birds of Prey reveals Batgirl and Harley Quinn had a brief fight, but the winner may surprise literally everyone. 

It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but Birds of Prey is finally back at DC Comics. The new team, led by original team member Black Canary, comes together to help find Canary’s missing daughter, Sin. 

To save her, Black Canary brings together a team of DC’s most terrifying, badass women, including Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, Big Barda, and Zealot. But the team’s not enough, and they need a fifth member. 

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Batgirl reveals she knows the perfect person to be the fifth and goes on to tell a surprising story. Through this story, fans learn that she previously had a fight with Harley Quinn, the outcome of which nobody could have predicted. 

Birds of Prey reveals Harley Quinn can beat Batgirl in a fight

Batgirl isn’t necessarily proud of it, but the story involves her losing a fight with Harley Quinn. The two run into each other on an investigation, and Harley lashes out because she assumes Batgirl is there to steal her thunder. 

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Batgirl attempts to subdue Harley but instead just gets her ass kicked. Every time she attempts to counter, Harley manages to one-up her. There’s no clear winner, as Harley knocks them both out a window and flees, but Batgirl makes no mistakes: Harley Quinn nearly beat her. 

Harley Quinn beats BatgirlDC Comics
Batgirl is unable to read the increasingly random Harley Quinn.

It may seem out of left field, but for long-time fans, it makes sense. Before she became Batgirl, Cassandra Cain was raised to be a living weapon who knew only fighting. As part of this, she was never taught to speak or read and could only speak the language of fighting. 

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Cassandra has made leaps and bounds in learning how to communicate since becoming Batgirl, but she’s still fluent in the “language” of combat. It’s what makes her the best fighter in the Bat-family. 

But Harley is just so random that Cass doesn’t stand a chance. She’s preparing for one attack and then gets surprised with something completely out of left field. Considering Cass relies so heavily on being able to read an opponent, it makes sense that someone as random as Harley Quinn could beat her. 

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How Harley meshes with the team is yet to be seen, but you can pick up Birds of Prey #1 on stands now to see how they all meet. For more Birds of Prey and comic book news, be sure to follow all our coverage.