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What are the best guns to use in Call of Duty Blackout?

Published: 13/Sep/2018 19:49 Updated: 15/Oct/2018 22:12

by Calum Patterson


Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode ‘Blackout’ features an array of powerful weapons, and knowing what guns work best and in what situations is the key to victory.

Because it is battle royale, you don’t pick your class setup before dropping in like standard multiplayer, and instead will have to scavenge for weapons, attachments and perks laid around the map.


With a full week worth of beta for PS4 players, there will be some players with a head start on release day, so if you didn’t play the beta, this weapon guide will be especially useful.

Before we get started on the best weapons in each class, a tip for new players: you will occasionally find weapons with a gold tint on the ground – this means they are fully equipped with attachments. You can either take the gun and use it, or strip it of its attachments and put them on a gun of your choice.


Assault Rifles

In the Assault Rifle category, it’s hard to pick only one dominant weapon, as Treyarch has balanced the class out well. 

  • ICR-7 
  • Maddox RFB 
  • Galil 
  • KN-57
  • Rampart

In terms of consistency, the fully automatic ICR-7 and VAPR AR’s are e

ffective at most ranges, and have very manageable recoil. These would probably be your safest bets when just getting used to Blackout – they won’t let you down.


You could also add in the ‘Maddox’ to this set, because it too has manageable recoil, and is very effective up close, it does lack at range however compared to the ICR and VAPR.

The KN-57 is solid, and certainly not to be ignored, but not many players are highlighting it as their favorite. The Galil is a rare AR, only found in Mystery Boxes, so you’ll definitely want to give it a try if you’re lucky enough to come across one.

Finally, there is the Rampart. This is a slow firing, high recoil, high damage AR. It can be very difficult to control, and you will definitely want some attachments on it. Initially, you may struggle with the Rampart, but give it some time to get used to it, and it will be rewarding.


The Rampart assault rifle – deadly, but hard to control

Tactical Rifles

  • ABR 223
  • Swordfish

For longer ranges and more precise shooting, there are three rifles to choose from; ABR 223, AUGER-DMR and Swordfish.

All of these weapons are burst fire or semi-auto, meaning they can be cumbersome in close quarters engagements, but very effective at range. 


The ABR is likely the most versatile, with a high rate of fire, shooting a three round burst. It is arguably the most versatile weapon in the game, as it can handle itself at close range too. 

The Swordfish is a four round burst, but it kicks considerably more than the ABR. For ease of use, the ABR definitely wins the battle of the burst guns, but the Swordfish is deadly if you can learn its recoil.

The AUGER is the only semi-auto rifle, and can be used almost like a sniper. At close range though it won’t compete with an SMG at all. At long range however, this thing isn’t to be messed with. Low recoil and very high damage, if you can hit your shots you will be surprised at how fast you put someone down.

The ABR 223 – a very versatile rifle

Sub-Machine Guns

In total, there are six SMG’s:

  • GKS 
  • MX9 
  • Saug 9mm 
  • Cordite 
  • Spitfire 
  • MP-40

The Cordite, GKS and MX9 come highly recommended on this list. The Cordite because it has the largest magazine (60 rounds by default, 80 with extended mags), meaning you can keep firing and tear through armor without reloading.

GKS and MX9 and very effective at close range, but more useful at longer ranges than the Spitfire/Saug. The latter two might shred up close, but you’d probably be better with a shotgun anyway. At range, the Spitfire and Saug are very difficult to hit your shots with.

MP-40 is the classic weapon, so again, if lucky enough to find it, use it.

Sniper Rifles

  • Paladin HB-50
  • Koshka

There isn’t much competition in the sniper category, with the Paladin the clear winner. Firing a deadly 50cal. round, this sniper rips through armor and will kill in a single shot to the head. Bullet drop is also minimal, so you can hit targets at extreme ranges.

The other option is the Koshka, which you will initially find without a scope. It can be somewhat useful at medium range, and better if you find a scope, but it lacks the power of the Paladin.

The Paladin HB-50 is is the most powerful sniper in Blackout


  • Titan
  • Zweihander

This LMG category is easy, as the Titan is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It comes with a generous 75 round mag, and decent fire rate too. If you can’t find an AR to your liking, don’t sleep on the Titan as it is an ample alternative. It’s even better with some attachments, particularly grip and a sight

There is a very rare Zombies LMG, the Zweihander, only found in Zombie locations. It’s actually not as powerful or as easy to use as the Titan, and you cannot equip any attachments to it either.


  • SG-12
  • MOG-12

There are only 2 shotguns – the semi auto SG-12, and the pump action MOG-12. There isn’t much to pick from between the two, and both are really only useful in the early stages of a match.

If you can be accurate with your shot and you’re close enough, the MOG-12 can kill in a single shot to the head, and both shottys are very effective against unarmored opponents. As the game progresses though, you will want to switch it out for an AR, SMG or Sniper.

Other Weapons

  • Hellion Salvo
  • War Machine
  • Ray Gun

There are some other, more specialized weapons, such as the Hellion Salvo rocket launcher, or the War Machine from multiplayer. You can also find a Ray Gun if you are lucky which is pretty powerful at close range, and Zombies fans will get a kick out of it.

Call of Duty

Infinity Ward confirm fix for Warzone’s unlimited Stim glitch

Published: 8/Oct/2020 22:10

by Theo Salaun


A new game-breaking bug is making the rounds in Call of Duty: Warzone, allowing players to abuse unlimited Stim Shots and survive permanently in the gas for easy, unfair wins on Verdansk. Fortunately, Infinity Ward have confirmed they’re fixing it.

Imagine surviving until the very end of a battle royale, evading toxic gas and dangerous opponents to stand alone in the final circle as the last remaining team and presumptive victors. Then you look at the top of your screen and realize there’s another team still alive, possibly more, but you can’t see them in the circle.


That’s been the experience for many of Warzone’s players over the past couple days, as a new glitch is allowing exploitative players to survive in the green fog of the game’s gas for as long as they want with an unlimited supply of Stim Shots. Teams that respect the rules are losing out to sly gas goblins.

On the plus side, this shouldn’t remain an issue for too much longer, as the developers have confirmed they are aware of the glitch and working on a solution.


Much of the Call of Duty fanbase is thrilled that the fixes for the glitched AS VAL SSP 10-R mags and SP-R .300 Norma and .338 Lapua mags were finally deployed on October 8. The two weapons were broken and unbearable for players given the former’s ability to kill through multiple walls and the latter’s capacity to remain hitscan within 450 meters of range.

But, while those nerfs came through within just around a week of Modern Warfare and Warzone’s Season 6 update, the community may not be comfortable waiting as long for a fix to the unlimited Stim Shot glitch. 

At the moment, popular streamers and competitive players seem to have joined the masses in expressing serious frustration with the glitch. Among others, Call of Duty League caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans has criticized the bug for numerous dissatisfying losses.


While not wanting to spread exactly how the glitch is performed and widen its presence, it is not particularly difficult to achieve and simply requires three items: a frag, a stim, and a self-revive kit. As such, it presents one of the game’s more notorious bugs and should be a major priority for a quick patch.

At the moment, Infinity Ward have confirmed a fix is in the works and that it remains “in progress” according to the team’s Trello board. As always, we will update as soon as things change, but, for now, remember to keep an eye on the gas when you deploy in Verdansk.