Warzone 2 master finds genius DMZ strategy to extract weapon cases solo

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision

Warzone 2 content creator Glitchy has unveiled the strategy he used to unlock the biohazard skin as quickly as he could in the DMZ mode when playing solo.

DMZ is proving difficult to crack for lone wolves, as dropping in solo puts you against overwhelming odds. There’s the perfect aim AI that ignores visibility-reducing effects and enemy squads that can revive themselves as much as they want.

If you somehow survive all of that, you are very likely to be hunted down by players camping exfil points, waiting for someone to bring the weapon’s case to them.

The deck is stacked against solo players, but Glitchy came up with a strategy that will give you a much better chance of successfully exfiltrating with the weapon case while playing DMZ by yourself.

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Genius solo DMZ exfiltration strategy

“Our plan is going to be to get a hostage setup. If you don’t already know what that is, basically you do the hostage mission and you get your own personal exfil that is not marked on the map,” says Glitchy when loading into the match.

His game plan is to secure a vehicle and grab a hostage rescue contract that’s closest to the weapon case search zone.

“Unfortunately you cannot drive with the hostage, so I had to place him on top of the vehicle,” he explains after rescuing the hostage. “What you do is you bring the hostage, and you put him right next to the exfil chopper. And it will stay there the entire time.”

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The game plan from then on out is to find the Juggernaut in the gun case search zone and take him out. Ideally luring him into a building and unloading a clip into his helmet. From there you just secure the case, hightail it back to the hostage, finish his rescue, and exfil with him.

As always you don’t want to go into the hot zone empty-handed, so check out our weapon tier list for Warzone 2, and by extension DMZ.