Top 10 Dr Disrespect Modern Warfare moments

Dr Disrespect has been absolutely tearing it up on the Modern Warfare servers. Here are some of his best moments in the game so far.

The Doc, also known to his fans as the 1994-1995 back to back Blockbuster video game champion, is one of the biggest names on Amazon’s Twitch platform.

The charismatic 6 foot 8 former collegiate athlete dons a legendary mullet and handlebar mustache five days a week for an ever-growing fan base across the world looking for the core three ingredients that make up his stream; violence, speed, momentum.

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Prior to streaming to millions across the world, Doc spent much of his career working as a map designer for some of the biggest names in the games industry, with his most talked about work on Advanced Warfare as part of the Call of Duty series.

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He has even used his skills as a developer to provide his own designs for Modern Warfare maps, which the community have praised as being “better” than maps in the game.

His background in CoD is perhaps one of the reasons why the Doc has spent so much time playing 2019’s game; Modern Warfare.

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The Infinity Ward shooter has received plenty of criticism since launch, and of course, the two-time champion hasn’t held back letting the developers know exactly what is wrong with it. Despite all the issues, he continues to play on, and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with G FUEL to look at his top 10 moments from his first few months playing.

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