The Envy CoD Dynasty That Never Was

Julian Young
The Envy CoD Dynasty That Never Was YouTube Thumbnail

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Call of Duty has seen its share of remarkable dynasties over the years, but where some teams were able to create an unstoppable juggernaut, others — like Envy — will be remembered for missing out on their own golden opportunity.

Dynasties in CoD are a huge part of its history and legacy as an esport. Whether it’s Fariko Impact and Complexity from Black Ops 2 or Infinite Warfare’s OpTic Gaming powerhouse, some squads will be forever immortalized in the game’s history.

Despite the stars aligning for some teams, others haven’t been so lucky. There have been plenty of missed opportunities and head-scratching roster moves over the years, including perhaps the most infamous of all: Envy’s dynasty that never was.

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