Mindfreak announce signing of up-and-coming player

Mindfreak has unveiled 18-year-old Luke ‘Louqa’ Rigas as the third member of its Call of Duty team.

The young player has been unable to compete since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, after age restrictions were imposed meaning players had to be aged 18 or above in order to take part.

Despite this set back, Louqa continued to be a part of the community, practice and play wagers.

Although he was previously unsure whether to return to competitive Call of Duty, he announced he was a free agent for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season after he turned 18 on August 30th.

It seems his perseverance and dedication had not gone unnoticed, as he will be joining the APAC region’s biggest organization, Mindfreak.

Louqa will join two of the region’s veterans, Conrad ‘Shockz’ Rymarek and Lincoln ‘Fighta’ Ferguson, who have both rejoined Mindfreak.

The young up-and-comer will be looking to prove himself on an international scale, but judging by Mindfreak owner, Albert ‘Nakeze’ Nassif’s tweet, he thinks some new blood is exactly what the team needs to succeed.

Mindfreak has yet to announce its fourth, and possibly fifth if the 5v5 format is confirmed, player.

Mitchel ‘BuZZO’ Mader has yet to make any announcements as to his plans for the upcoming season, but as a Mindfreak veteran and the team’s longstanding captain, it’s possible he could be the squad’s fourth.

Denholm ‘Denz’ Taylor is currently looking for opportunities outside of the APAC region, but if he doesn’t succeed in finding something and the 5v5 format is confirmed, it’s also possible he could rejoin his former teammates for another year.