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Activision Blizzard Report Increased Revenue, But Confirm Fortnite Battle Royale Has Impacted

Published: 3/May/2018 22:11 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 16:56

by Calum Patterson


In Activision Blizzard’s May 3rd earnings call, they directly recognized the impact of popular battle royale games, particularly Fortnite, on their business.

The main titles in Activision Blizzard’s range include Overwatch, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, as well as a wide range of other titles across console and PC.

Fortnite Battle Royale has of course become the most popular game across these platforms, and so it would come as little surprise that Activision is very much aware of its success.

However, it was maybe less expected for Activision to directly acknowledge the rise of Fortnite as ‘impacting’ their revenues.

The earnings call was made shortly after Activision Blizzard released their quarter one report for 2018, which did show impressive record revenues at an increase of 14% over last year, up to $1.97 billion GAAP net.

But where Fortnite and other battle royale games could be hurting Activision is by pulling away users. The report shows that the monthly active users were down 13% overall compared to last year.

During the call, the question was asked if Fortnite’s successful free to play model could signal a shift away from the tried and tested ‘$60 game’ model.

“We think in a growing industry like ours there is room for multiple business models.[…] We do believe $60 games will continue.”

So while some games in Activision Blizzard’s portfolio may be seeing less engagement and monthly active users, it is certainly still making the money that Activision will hope for, and that will satisfy the investors.

However, they will be acutely aware that if Fortnite continues on its path of wreckage in the industry, combined with big releases to come (Red Dead Redemption 2), a game plan change may be in order.

Battle Royale already features in Call of Duty Online – a version of the game only available in China, and there are rumors that Battle Royale will feature in the upcoming Black Ops 4.

The potential also exists of course for Activision to create their own Battle Royale game, but with the strength of their existing IP’s, it is more likely it is tacked on to one of these recognized titles.

Source: Activision Blizzard

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact rakes in insane amount of money in first month on mobile

Published: 31/Oct/2020 17:35

by Georgina Smith


New data from Sensor Tower has revealed that free-to-play gacha game Genshin Impact scooped up a colossal amount of money within only its first month of launch on mobile, beating many other app store strongholds to the top spot.

While Genshin Impact initially got a reputation for its similarity to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, its diverse selection of playable characters, intricate elemental magic system, and gripping story set the RPG apart from games like it.

For a free-to-play game it has extraordinary depth, but the way that developer miHoYo monetizes the game is via the divisive ‘gacha’ system.

Genshin Impact characters by a city
Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact has been rated highly by critics.

Players can take a shot at winning their favorite character via the wish system, and while the game allows you to use some wishes for free, in order to have a shot at zoning in on the one character you want, players will need to spend real-world money to purchase wishes.

Genshin Impact’s extraordinary revenue

New data from Sensor Tower published on October 28 reveals that Genshin Impact has raked in a huge amount of money within its first month, September 28 to October 27.

Just on mobile platforms alone, the game earned a whopping $245 million dollars, a crazy amount of money considering it’s a free-to-play application.

For this period, Genshin has absolutely obliterated other high-earning games that remain staples of the app store such as Honor of Kings ($216 million), PUBG ($195 million), and global hit Pokemon Go ($122 million).

Graph from Sensor Tower showing top grossing mobile game worldwide between Sep 28 and Oct 27 2020
Sensor Tower
The interesting data report shows Genshin Impact pulling in hefty revenue.

The gacha mechanic has clearly paid off for miHoYo in this instance, with streamers and YouTubers across the world spending thousands of real-world dollars on obtaining their favorite characters.

Some have even blasted the game for being “predatory,” one streamer saying “I think this system is gambling. I can’t believe that this exists in a game. And I refuse to promote it. I can’t do it and I’m so sorry that I did.”

Regardless of people’s opinion on the mechanic, it doesn’t look like the success of the game is slowing down, with Genshin still ranking high on Twitch, and many popular streamers giving the RPG a try.