MrBeast calls out AI deepfake scam ads pretending to be him

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Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has had enough of deepfake scam ads that are using AI to mimic his looks and voice, as he called for social media companies to take action.

YouTube’s biggest star MrBeast boasts over 188 million subscribers and still continues to break viewership records.

But, being one of the biggest creators in the world also comes with its downsides. Many fraudsters have often tried to exploit MrBeast’s strong brand image, reputation for lavish generosity, and loyal fanbase for both views and money.

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In 2022, he lashed out at “fake” YouTube adverts that were using images of him to falsely claim he was giving away money.

A year later, the YouTuber has once again hit out at these scam ads, which are now using AI technology to realistically mimic his appearance and voice.

MrBeast calls for action against deepfake scam ads

On Twitter/X he shared his frustrations with the scam ads, as he requested social media companies themselves to take action.

“Lots of people are getting this deepfake scam ad of me… are social media platforms ready to handle the rise of AI deepfakes? This is a serious problem.” MrBeast posted.

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It featured a video example of a fake AI ad on TikTok, which shows a deepfaked version of Donaldson speaking directly to the camera.

“You’re one of the 10,000 lucky people who will get an iPhone 15 pro for just $2. I’m MrBeast and I am doing the world’s largest iPhone 15 giveaway,” the clip began.

The account featured the typical MrBeast branding to trick viewers and ends by calling them to click a link in order to “Claim yours now!”

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It is not made fully clear what happens next in the scam, but this kind of method typically involves the victim following the link and providing bank details to the scammer, who will then attempt to defraud them.

“This is so realistic?!? Wow that’s scary,” one creator replied. “I literally got this ad like 10 minutes ago!” Another said.

“Definitely a big issue!“ YouTuber Kwebbelkop replied.

If you see anything from MrBeast that is not through his official direct social media channels, then make sure you don’t action anything and simply report or ignore them to stay safe.

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