Moistcr1tikal and Sneako resolve drama: “There’s not a ton of hostility left”

MoistCr1TiKal (left), Sneako (right)YouTube: penguinz0, TheSneak0

Sneako and Moistcr1tikal have buried the hatchet after months of sniping across YouTube and Twitter, after a one-on-one conversation that resolved almost all of the drama between creators.

The two content creators have been taking shots at each other for months, insulting each other and each others’ partners over Twitter and on streams, which culminated in Moistcr1tical’s viral callout video, which led to several other creators, including Adin Ross, telling Sneako to stand down.

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But now it seems that the drama has finally fizzled out, after the both of them had a lengthy conversation where they hashed out all the differences.

Despite being published on April 1, Moistcr1tikal stressed that this was not a joke, and brought the receipts to back it up. He wove clips from the conversation, which he had recorded, to illustrate how they settled the drama.

Sneako asked Moistcr1tikal to record the conversation so that they had a record of what was said.

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In the opening of the video, Moistcr1tikal admitted that the spat had taken off over the last few months, saying that: “It’s been a very tasty, juicy bit of drama between the two of us, and today it finally boiled over, and we had a conversation.”

Moistcr1tikal also said he was surprised by how easy it was to have the conversation with Sneako, as he was expecting him to be more aggressive and defensive.

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“This was a very laid back, very calm and collected Sneako, who was actually more than willing to concede on some of his points, as well as see some different sides to the situation.

“I didn’t expect that, and I’m very appreciative of that. After finishing our talk, I’m actually pretty interested to see where he goes next.”

The two creators have not resolved every single issue between them. Sneako and Moistcr1tikal still disagreed over the kinds of content that they make and how influencers should behave towards audiences, and they also still have ideological differences.

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But overall, the conversation ended well, with Moistcr1tikal saying: “It was a fascinating and an important one to have.”

“After our conversation, there really wasn’t a ton of hostility left.”

Sneako resolved to be more positive in future content, and “to not engage in the same actions I criticize”.

For a full rundown of Moistcr1tikal’s drama with Sneako, check out our coverage here.

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