WoW Shadowlands players slam Chains of Domination update over major lag

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As World of Warcraft fans avidly try to load into WoW Shadowlands’ new expansion, the Chains of Domination, it appears that Patch 9.1 has brought with it some severe lag and connection issues. 

As the curtains dropped on the highly anticipated World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, Chains of Domination, WoW players everywhere have been flocking to the likes of Korthia and Tazavesh to uncover the mysterious zones’ secrets.

As Blizzard have finally released the update across all of the game’s regions, it’s no surprise that some bugs have started to appear.

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However, one of the most frustrating appears to be a serious issue with lag and random disconnection. So, if you’re hoping to take to the dusky plains of the Shadowlands in style, we hope this doesn’t happen to you…

WoW Shadowlands KorthiaBlizzard Entertainment
Framed by the terrifying Tower of Torghast, Korthia is the title’s newest location.

WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination Patch 9.1 lag

While millions of players are rejoicing that the long awaited expansion has finally hit our screens, others are experiencing some lag issues that make tackling the hellish demons of Torghast look like a walk in the park.

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In response to Blizzard’s official tweet announcing that Chains of Domination had finally been released, angry fans have taken to the comments after experiencing in-game issues.

“The S**T LAG once again,” writes one irritated player. “You get to stage nine, then disconnected to start all over again. Then you make it to stage two then disconnected to start all over again.”

Another fan encountered a similar issue, noting that “I got to stage eight and then got disconnected and when I reconnected with my character I’m back at Oribos with all my progress gone!”

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A final commenter praised the game’s changes, but notes that “the only thing I faced was massive lag in the Ardenweald scenario.”

While the vast majority of players seem to be unaffected, this is a disappointing start for many considering how highly anticipated the expansion has been. Hopefully Blizzard implement a fix sooner rather than later so that we can enjoy the next chapter of the Shadowlands saga.

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