WoW Shadowlands players have major issues with Korthia treasures

WoW Shadowlands Korthia treasure issuesBlizzard Entertainment

Korthia is the newest zone to explore in World of Warcaft’s highly anticipated expansion, WoW: Shadowlands: Chains of Domination, but players aren’t overly thrilled with the region’s treasure system. 

World of Warcraft’s highly awaited content Patch 9.1, WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination, has finally hit screens everywhere.

While some players have been able to take to the hallowed halls of the mysterious Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, others have been stuck struggling with a game-breaking lag that’s ruining their attempts to traverse The Maw’s desolate plains.

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For many the highlight of the new expansion is Korthia, the newest region of The Maw, but the area’s unique loot system isn’t quite to everyone’s liking.

wow-shadowlands-korthiaBlizzard Entertainment
Korthia is known as the City of Secrets, but it turns out its treasures come at a frustrating price.

Players slam Korthia’s treasure system in WoW: Shadowlands

As more and more players flock to the dusty streets of this once powerful metropolis, many have uncovered one of the zone’s precious chests, only to have it snatched away right in front of their eyes.

Players have taken to both Reddit and Blizzard’s official forum to complain about the distinct lack of loot in the area, with some describing it as “just a barren empty zone.” What loot there is either quickly despawns, or is taken by other players while you’re in combat.

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“Korthia treasures are horribly designed” writes one angry fan. “We can’t loot while in combat, and they despawn 10 seconds after someone loots it.”

“So basically, I’m busy killing the mobs near it, and some jacka** can come loot the treasure and run away. Then when I finish killing the mobs, the treasure despawns.”

Their comment has garnered almost 2k upvotes at the time of writing, with many of their concerns translating across to Blizzard’s official forum.

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“It’s super toxic having to compete with other people for treasure,” writes one, with another comment calling the system a “circle of trolls.”

Clearly Blizzard will need to implement some sort of fix in order to maintain interest in the new zone. Two suggested adjustments are to increase the despawn time after another player has picked up the loot, or just make treasures and rares more readily available.

Only time will tell if Blizzard can unshackle themselves from this awkward predicament, but for the sake of Korthia, we hope they do.

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