WoW Shadowlands devs fix infamous Warlock armor ahead of patch 9.2

world of warcraft wow undead forsaken warlock casting destruction spellsBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft’s 9.2 Warlock armor that’s set to drop alongside WoW Shadowlands Eternity’s End has been amended once more following a series of controversies. 

World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ upcoming patch, Eternity’s End, sees the resolution of the ongoing conflict against the Jailer and the conclusion of the current story arc as a whole.

Unfortunately, WoW Shadowlands’ 9.2 patch has left players out in the cold, with some even referring to it as a “joke” despite not being out yet.

Controversy has also swirled around the upcoming armor sets, but specifically the one for the Warlock spec. With many making some unfavorable comparisons with the shape of the hood, Blizzard have been forced to redesign the armor not once, but twice, with the third (and likely final) version finally being released on the 9.2 PTR.

world of warcraft wow shadowlands eternity's end gear 9.2 warlock changesBlizzard Entertainment
The Warlock (second from the right) was initially decked out in white and red, infuriating some players.

Blizzard overhaul WoW Shadowlands 9.2 Warlock gear

Blizzard’s second iteration of design for the Warlock armor can be seen in the image above. Seen second in from the right, black, teal, and gold inlays replace what was originally red, white, and gold.

It’s the first version that cause the majority of the issues, with players claiming it reminded them of an infamous North American hate group. Blizzard adjusting the color of the gown to black also didn’t satisfy fans, so this third iteration looks entirely different.

Completely changing the shape of the hood to remove its pointed features, it now sports a set of glowing devilish horns to make it look even fiercer (although some argue it actually looks more like “bunny ears,” totally ruining the image.)

This new version was first discovered on the 9.2 PTR by WoWhead, who attached an image of the helmet in the tweet below.

Aside from looking like rabbit ears – which some claim could be corrected if the horns came “out of the helm more horizontally” – players seem pretty happy with the new design.

“All controversy aside, this is just flat out cooler,” writes one, while another states that it has “Donnie Darko vibes.”

Whether the horns and the rest of the armor will be adjusted remains to be seen, but at least Blizzard have listened to and acted upon fan feedback.