Amazon confirm WoW & Starcraft Prime Gaming rewards are in the works

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As Amazon Prime Gaming adds Overwatch and Hearthstone to its ranks, the company has confirmed that further rewards for World of Warcraft are coming to gift WoW players free loot.

As the months go by, Amazon Prime Gaming’s extensive catalogue of games it services continues to grow exponentially. Recently adding Blizzard’s Overwatch and Hearthstone to the list of games it covers, players can now pick up a swathe of free loot before September 14, 2022.

It turns out Amazon aren’t quite done yet, however, as more classic Blizzard titles will be making their way into the Prime Gaming nexus.

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With both Starcraft: Remastered and World of Warcraft set to debut on the platform in the near future, both SC and WoW players have something to look forward to.


world of warcraft wow shadowlands sylvanas shatters helmet of lich kingBlizzard Entertainment
With the Shadowlands saga at an end, players have a new expansion and Prime Gaming loot to look forward to!

WoW Prime Gaming rewards: What could they be?

While they’re not out in the public eye yet, Amazon have confirmed that future drops for both WoW and Starcraft: Remastered are on the horizon.

“Players can also look forward to additional Prime Gaming offers for other Blizzard favorites including World of Warcraft and Starcraft: Remastered,” they write in their March 30 blog post. “Stay tuned for more details soon!”

As for what these drops could be, the possibilities are endless. XP boosts, exclusive pets and mounts, in-game currency – the list goes on and on. Rival MMORPGs Lost Ark and New World have seen similar drops, but we’ll have to wait and see what form WoW’s Amazon Prime Gaming rewards take.

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WoW Prime Gaming rewards: Potential release date

As mentioned above, Amazon note that information on WoW’s Prime Gaming loot is “coming soon” – so we can definitely expect something in the coming months.

Whether that means they’ll be part of next month’s promotion, or will release after the announcement of the next expansion remains unclear. We’ll be sure to keep this page up to date with all of the latest information, though, so be sure to check back.

So that’s everything we know about the upcoming WoW Amazon Prime Gaming rewards. Looking to snag some goodies in the meantime? Be sure to check out our Prime Gaming hubs:

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