WoW players want higher quality customization in Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5

Lauren Bergin
Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft is hoping to change up the game’s customization in WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5, but fans are begging Blizzard to up the quality of character animations.

WoW Shadowlands’ highly anticipated Patch 9.1.5 promises to fix a plethora of issues that players have had with the game.

From finally curbing the title’s latent toxicity, to removing long despised features such as the AoE cap and Conduit Energy, the update looks to fix a lot of the WoW’s faulty systems.

Additionally, it’s bringing in a whole new range of features to the character creation library, but players have expressed their concerns over the quality of these new additions to their wardrobe.

WoW Tauren Shaman with spirit wolves
Blizzard Entertainment
Creating a character unique to you is one of the best aspects of WoW.

WoW fans demand higher quality customization in 9.1.5

While new customization tools are always going to be a hit with WoW players, the community is begging Blizzard to make sure that these new additions actually make your character look good.

In a Reddit thread dedicated to the discussion, one fan writes “look at how they massacred my Pandaren,” slamming Blizzard for making the character’s facial hair look as though “it’s glued on their faces.”

“While the new focus on customization from Blizzard is a dream come true,” they continue, “I hope in the future they consider the quality. You can see that much of the new customization has low res texture and is poorly made. But we take anything cause we are starved of it.”

This issue isn’t just confined to the Pandarens, though. Multiple comments note that it affects “all races,” with one fan writing “none of the artists know how beards f**king grow, I guess. If you tilt your camera under half of them, it’s either paper thin under the jaw, or there’s not enough volume under the neckline.”

As Blizzard continue to grapple with resurrecting the Azeroth that players know and love, it’ll be interesting to see if higher quality character animations accompany Patch 9.1.5.

After all, we don’t want to be having a constant bad hair day like this poor Pandaren…