WoW players want Dracthyr changes after finding perfect redesign

WoW Dracthyr raceBlizzard Entertainment

Following the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion reveal, fans of the franchise have expressed their dislike for the new race’s look, with one going as far as giving it an entirely new redesign.

One of the features coming into WoW’s next expansion, Dragonflight, is a new playable race, the Dracthyr. They are an ancient race of humanoid dragonkin that were created by the black Dragon Aspect, Neltharion, in an attempt to make his ideal soldiers.

As you would expect, they are dragonlike in nature and similar to Worgen can shift between two forms, draconic and humanoid. This leaves tons of room for potential customization for the race, as not only is it the first of its kind, but it’s also newer to the game, which tends to bring on new characteristics.

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Even though the race looked flashy at a first glance, fans of the franchise aren’t happy with its aesthetics — prompting some to redesign it.

WoW DracthyrBlizzard Entertainment
The Dracthyr will be the first playable dragonesque race in WoW.

WoW player redesigns new Dragonflight Dracthyr race

Brought up by Reddit user Potatoandbacon on the official WoW subreddit, the Redditor posted artwork from Paladins’ Art Director, ‘ThunderBrush’, that aimed to improve the Dracthyr’s looks while trying to “stay within bounds” of what Blizzard’s art team had created.

“I post this out of respect to the work of @Warcraft and all of the amazingly talented artists at Blizzard,” ThunderBrush stated on Twitter. “With that said…The Dracthyr could be a lot cooler in my book. Did a paint-over for fun while trying to stay within the “bounds” they are trying to set.”

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It was a smash hit in the community, earning tons of praise with many of the game’s fans pointing out how even though the changes are “subtle” they still make the race feel “more robust.”

“I really like these changes,” said one fan. “They’re subtle yet add a way more robust feel to the race as a whole. It’s not simply a picture of a DND character saying ‘I want this!’, it actually provides constructive feedback on specific aspects of what has already been created. I’d be a lot more excited to play as a Dracthyr if they looked like this!”

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With no Dragonflight and beta release date yet in sight, only time will tell if Blizzard will make adjustments to appease the game’s fans.