WoW players stunned by showcase of MMO working on Steam Deck

steam deck world of warcraftBlizzard Entertainment/Valve

A World of Warcraft player has gone viral after getting the popular MMO to run smoothly on the Steam Deck, to the shock of many dedicated players.

The Steam Deck has taken off as one of the biggest mobile gaming console launches in years.

When the console officially launched on February 25, but with massive delays, have only delivered orders over the last few months. The company has assured potential buyers they are “doubling” the number of Steam Decks in production.

Now that players are finally getting their hands on the new system, gamers have figured out how to get all kinds of games running on the machine, including one of the most popular MMOs of all time.

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WoW player goes viral running game on Steam Deck

Reddit user Skulled3010 went viral on the World of Warcraft subreddit by posting a screenshot of them playing the MMO right on their Steam Deck. In the photo, the game’s UI looks drastically different with different health and action bars at the bottom of the screen.

“WoW on Steam Deck is quite enjoyable!” they wrote. The post sparked instant shock as the idea of a portable version of WoW was quite enticing to many.

Skulled said of the MMOs performance on the portable device, “Awesome to play, even in dungeons.”

The user also shared what addons they used to get the game running correctly, utilizing ConsolePort for the button layout and AzeriteUI for the unit frames. Skulled also claimed that they locked the game at 40 FPS to ensure the game would run smoothly.

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Although the Steam Deck doesn’t seem like a natural home for playing World of Warcraft, those who own the new device can easily play the MMO without much hassle.