WoW players stunned after losing guild titles for no apparent reason

Lauren Bergin
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It turns out that, when you leave a guild in World of Warcraft, you will also lose your hard earned in-game titles, and WoW fans aren’t pleased.

One of the best things about playing World of Warcraft with a guild is that you can work together to earn a plethora of rewards that would be unavailable to solo players. From Raid mounts to unique Legendary items – there’s a lot to choose from.

Inevitably, however, guilds often fall apart and go their separate ways. Whether it’s because your guild members are struggling to come to terms with the game’s recent decline, or the ongoing Shadowlands saga simply isn’t holding your interest; you may be looking to either move guilds or continue your travels on your own.

It turns out that leaving a guild comes with some unexpected consequences, as one player has found out the hard way.

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Whether you’re riding solo or looking for a new guild, you’ll need to keep this in mind.

WoW players are losing hard-earned guild titles

Once you’ve left your guild, you may be able to keep all of your hard-earned items and material, but one player has found out that your titles will be removed upon your exit.

“Why are these titles not personal?” asks one player on the game’s official subreddit, noting that it seems unfair to lose them if your “guild eventually dies and you have to leave for another.”

As shown in the image, as soon as they left their former companions each of their “Famed Slayer” titles were removed – all of which had been awarded being one of the first 100 guilds to complete some of the game’s hardest raids.

Not only is this immensely disappointing given the feat this player has achieved over the years, but it also seems odd that the titles aren’t bound to the character. While they certainly needed some help from friends to slay these foes, their own individual contribution was essential to the guild’s victory.

With the top comment being “what the hell, I didn’t know that happened,” it seems like this is news to a chunk of the game’s community.

One comment notes that “I think originally it was so that you couldn’t boost multiple people to the title and then have them leave the guild,” with another suggesting that Blizzard “should implement a time-related cut-off, like a few months or so.”

“Maybe the balance is that anyone who kills the boss while HoF [Hall of Fame] is open in a HoF guild and ends the tier in a HoF guild gets the title permanently?” notes another.

Either way, given the amount of time and effort that goes into securing these titles, it would be nice to see Blizzard implement a fix that allows you to keep them tied to your character. Until then, though, it looks like your shackled to your guild just like poor Anduin is to The Jailer.