WoW players stunned after fan recreates Gates of Orgrimmar in Unreal Engine

. 4 months ago
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A recreation of Orgrimmar’s front gates in Unreal Engine is blowing WoW fans away with how epic it is.

Anyone who’s rolled Horde in World of Warcraft will be familiar with good old Orgrimmar, the capital city of the Orcs.

One of the cities’ defining features is definitely the entrance gates. One player has recreated them in Unreal Engine, and fans can’t believe how epic they look compared to what’s in-game.

Orgrimmar in Unreal Engine: Even more epic

Orgrimmar has never looked this good.

The Unreal Engine version was created entirely by YouTuber AXCEL as part of their “Project Grunt.”

Showcasing the exterior and interior of the wall, the video provides a thorough tour of the fortifications, which look like they could be straight out of the 2016 Warcraft movie.

“Crazy this is done by 1 person, imagine if a whole team this talented were to rebuild the entire game world,” one stunned fan replied in the comments, and they definitely weren’t alone.

“It makes Org look sooo much bigger! It’s crazy, incredible job man,” another replied. “You’ll be getting a knock on the door from Microsoft any day now with a job offer!”

Really, if you’re a Warcraft fan at all, it’s not hard to see how this is a massive upgrade from what’s in-game right now. Even though WoW isn’t run on Unreal Engine, a change to make the capital city just a little more epic is definitely popular.

Who knows? With Microsoft taking ownership of Blizzard soon, maybe we will see changes similar to what Axcel has done here.

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