WoW players plead with Blizzard for faction caps in Season of Discovery

Ragnaros raises his mace in Season of DiscoveryBlizzard Entertainment

With World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, Blizzard’s latest version of Classic, set to release at the end of November, some community members are asking the developer to cap the faction balance on each server.

For those who are blissfully unaware, Season of Discovery is widely seen as the highly requested Classic+ mode, built into the original game’s world. It will feature new gear, areas to explore, secrets and a system called Rune Engraving that will allow players to take on new roles and unleash fresh powers from their chosen class.

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In the run-up to release, many have become concerned that the game could start to suffer from similar issues to the original Classic. Specifically, this would amount to spectacular queue times on launch and vast imbalances between Horde and Alliance as populations change on each individual server.

Now, some players have taken to social media to directly appeal to the developer to cap the ratio between Horde and Alliance.

Players want faction caps to preserve world PvP

In a post on Reddit, one player expressed their desire for Blizzard to cap the faction ratio at 55/45 in favor of the Horde or Alliance.

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Many were quick to chime in with their take on the situation. One player noted Blizzard has, in part, shared their plans to address these potential issues: “Blizzard has hinted that Season of Discovery will have realms set up in a similar way to Hardcore. Instead of many realms, you have a few. They are hoping this inability to transfer or to stop playing on realms where you’re in the minority faction will help with this process. “

Others were vehemently against the idea, suggesting alternate solutions would work more effectively: “I’d rather have layering then an artificial “block” put in place. A block isn’t going to make me give up playing on the same factions as my friends, it’s just going to make me quit playing until the block is lifted.”

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Some have also resigned themselves to the servers being imbalanced, regardless of any action Blizzard could potentially take, with one saying: “If you play on a PvP server and you don’t pick horde this time around you’re in for a horrible experience. I am hoping my group is fine playing on a normal server because phase 2 was a miserable experience as an Alliance guild.”

Whatever does happen with the servers, players won’t have long to wait before they can log in and start a new character. With Season of Discovery set to arrive on November 30, it’s an exciting time to be a WoW fan again.

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