WoW players furious over orc buff: “What is going on?”

World of Warcraft's Orc (Left) and Mechagnome (Right)Blizzard Entertainment

The WoW community is baffled that Orc’s racial ability has been buffed for the Dragonflight expansion, while Mechagnomes’ racial passive is three years behind current content.

Blizzard added Mechagnomes, alongside many new playable races, in the Battle for Azeroth expansion of World of Warcraft.

As is the case with any game that has been going strong for such a long time, World of Warcraft is running into problems when it comes to in-game balance. Some racial passives were designed for lower levels than are currently available in the game.

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Mechagnomes’ “Combat Analysis” racial passive, which raises their main statistic by 5 every 5 seconds currently only scales up to level 60, was the maximum level of Battle for Azeroth. It was raised to 70 for Dragonflight but, despite this, the passive was not updated.

Now the fans of the Mechagnome race are frustrated, waiting for their turn, watching as other races get their updates.

WoW fans frustrated with the Orc buff

Players of the other races in the Reddit thread also shared their frustrations with lack of updates to the other races.

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“I know this is nowhere near as impactful as that, but the fact that dark iron dwarves Mole Machines don’t go to the newer continents frustrates me as well,” commented one user.

“Wish they would update the racials for the older races. Like some get 1% crit while orcs get a massive stat boost. I think trolls got a haste buff as their racial as well,” agreed another.

Another user proposed an idea to abandon the racial skills system altogether with this reply: “All racials should be removed or reworked to be mere gimmicks. Having to decide on race, not because you like that race, voices, animation, or lore BUT because the one f**ng useful racial they have is beyond stupid.”

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We’ll have to wait and see how the WoW meta develops further into 2023.

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