WoW players “extremely concerned” over Dragonflight expansion being “rushed” out

Eleni Thomas
WoW DLC still imageBlizzard

Blizzard has just revealed plenty more details for the upcoming World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion, with pre-orders now available and the DLC release window set for some time before the end of December this year. After hearing this news, fans are expressing their worry that the latest DLC may be released too soon.

Announced back in April, WoW Dragonflight now offers up three different editions for players to choose between. Base Edition, Heroic Edition and Legendary Edition. You can see the difference in each with our full launch hub.

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 Fans are hotly anticipating the arrival of said expansion, with this new chapter in the WoW saga shaping up to include a vast variety of content. Namely, for the first time, players will be brought to the Dragon Isles, as well as be introduced to a new race and a new class.

Though despite initial excitement around the major update, many are now concerned by the latest announcement as Blizzard has confirmed a 2022 release.

Arguably the biggest change that Dragonflight will bring is the development that Rogues, Mages, and Priests will be made available to all races. This will be a first-time inclusion for the game since it launched 18 years ago.

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 While an exact release date has not been specified yet, we now know that a 2022 drop is the target for Blizzard.

WoW fans react to a 2022 Dragonflight launch

In light of this update, much of the immediate reaction was one of shock and disappointment. Given the DLC was only announced a few months ago, this quick turnaround for release has many expecting the worst. 

In the past, Blizzard has had issues with underdelivering on promised content or alternatively, taking months to fix and update new content that should have been ready to go on launch.

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On social media, WoW players are discussing the news and for the most part, expressing confusion at Dragonflight’s potential 2022 release.

Some have even stressed that it’s “further proof” Blizzard hasn’t learned from “past mistakes.”

As well as this, this decision has also highlighted to some that Blizzard is still not listening to player feedback and their community.

“Do you mean to suggest that the most honorable Blizzard Entertainment would knowingly deliver an unfinished product?” one Reddit user asked sarcastically.

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However, some fans are unfazed by the news. Various threads have popped up as many fans are disappointed but also unsurprised by Blizzard’s approach to the new content.

Despite this concern, fans’ initial reaction to the Dragonflight expansion announcement was extremely positive. Here’s hoping Blizzard is able to deliver and that these fears that it is being rushed are proven wrong.

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