WoW players demand major changes for future expansions

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World of Warcraft players are asking for a new way to help newcomers jump in by making previous expansions’ content easier to digest and more accessible.

WoW’s storyline goes way past its 17-year long history. A game founded as an MMORPG based on the then-popular RTS title Warcraft, it’s had the story aspect of an RPG engraved for quite some time.

Amongst all the shiny gear, the raids and dungeon boss killing, questing, and much more, the story is what ties it all together and gives ideas for future expansions.

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Although the story isn’t as important for a substantial amount of players, it’s still integral to the game, something that beginners don’t get to experience properly.

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Although not as much as a focal point compared to gameplay, story is integral to WoW

WoW players want changes for future expansions

WoW has had a total of eight expansions thus far, and this is a lot of story to go through for a newer player. As it stands, newcomers don’t have a proper way to experience older content as the game speeds players up to the current campaign.

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In a post on the official WoW subreddit, user kajidourden expressed their disappointment in the sort of “boosting” to get to newer content, stating, “I found it infuriating that I was auto-boosted at level 50 while only being maybe 40% through with all the content.”

They did find a way to circumvent this speeding through the content in the form of turning off XP gains, but they still felt like they missed most of the story.

“I later learned about turning off XP gains, but that only addresses some of my issues AND relies on you having tribal knowledge,” the user said. “Even if you turn off XP gains, there are MAJOR story beats that are completely missing from the experience.”

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This is a big issue for not just kajidourden, but for any newcomer. Due to the game forcing players to the newer content, a good amount of the story gets ignored leaving them confused.

“It’s hard enough to care about what I’m being forced to do if I don’t understand any of the significance,” kajidourden explained. “I had questions like Who the hell even is Bolvar?… Who are these random ass NPCs that I am obviously supposed to care about [or] have some reference for in SL?”

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