WoW players convinced NPC has revealed the next expansion’s storyline

Lauren Bergin
world of warcraft wow yrel draeni warrior in lightbound armor
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World of Warcraft Shadowlands is hurtling towards a close with patch 9.2, and some players believe they’ve uncovered the storyline behind the next WoW expansion. 

Whether you’ve loved it or hated it, World of Warcraft’s 2020 expansion, Shadowlands, is set to come to a conclusion during the events of Eternity’s End.

With streaming titans like Asmongold criticizing the 9.2 update’s plot before it has even been released, it’s clear that Shadowlands’ story hasn’t exactly been what a lot of players hoped it would be.

As all eyes look to the future of Blizzard’s iconic MMO, some players believe that a lowly NPC may hold many secrets about the next WoW expansion – and if so, then it’ll see the return of an age-old feud.

wow shadowlands eternity's end sylvanas windrunner stands against burning tree
Blizzard Entertainment
Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen, may be gone, but will the Ranger General return in future expansions?

Players think NPC holds the key to next WoW expansion

While some believe that the Dragon Isles may be the setting for the next installment in the Warcraft saga, others suggest that one NPC is hinting at exactly what lurks upon the bloodstained horizon.

Upon a recent visit to The Horde’s city-state, Orgrimmar, one Horde troop started up a conversation with a Mag’har Impaler – one so seemingly insignificant that he hasn’t even been given a name.

The discussion between them reads “if any Lightbound traitors come to this world, I will be ready!” in turn piquing the suspicions of the player. Further chats lead to the Orc stating that “Warchief Hellscream is almost certainly dead. If he fell, he died a hero’s death” and “what fate did our brothers and sisters meet?”

“I really hope this is foreshadowing something,” they write, and this simple exchange has sparked a whole plethora of fan theories.

For those unsure of what this means, the Lightbound army cast the Mag’har out of Draenor in the wake of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Reappearing during Battle for Azeroth, there’s a dark side to these seemingly glowing creatures that we haven’t quite explored just yet.

“A lot of hints and buildup pointed towards a ‘lightlands’ expansion,” notes one fan, lamenting “but that might change now after Blizzard said they would take the ‘cosmic’ stuff down a notch.”

“The writing team certainly isn’t what it used to be, but I think an expansion around the Light could be very interesting,” states another, while a poor Alliance player concludes “Lightbound Orcs new allied race with Yrel and Grommash as leaders. I actually hate this idea as an Alliance player so that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

Will Yrel and her armies finally get their turn in the spotlight? Or will we see a much more linear story in the wake of Shadowlands? We’ll have to wait and see, but often light is born out of shadow.