WoW players call for simple Mage Tower change to help some classes

André González Rodríguez
WoW Mage Tower

The Mage Tower’s return for the WoW Legion Timewalking event has been very successful, as players finally got to experience challenging solo content once again – but still, they think tweaks could be made. 

Initially brought into the game during the Legion expansion’s 7.2.0 patch on March 13, 2017, the Mage Tower was an instant hit that both casual and hardcore WoW players could enjoy, and that continues with its return.  

At the time, the Mage Tower was a fun and challenging way for players to gain a cosmetic reward. It pit players in a solo experience where they had to defeat the boss that was placed in front of them. Each spec had a different boss, and roles like the healer and tank roles shared the same ones.

WoW Shadowlands Mage Tower Tauren Mage armor
Blizzard Entertainment, Dexerto
Players who complete the challenge will get a new transmog set.

If players completed the challenge they would get a shiny new appearance for their artifact weapon. As with any task like this, the amount of time in which players were able to complete it varied, this led to players asking for nerfs and the likes. 

This was the same case once it returned. Although it was a new transmog set instead of an artifact weapon appearance for a reward, some people are still asking for tweaks to be made to the tower. 

WoW retail player suggests stat template for Mage Tower

In a post to the WoW subreddit, user BeamMeUpTotti suggested a sort of “stat template”. 

They claimed that this small change could help streamline the Mage Tower, making it an “easy slam dunk for tuning’s sake”.


What BeamMeUpTotti proposed was a way for players to go into the Mage Tower with a fixed set of stats that would be in a “predetermined template for your spec,” ala Legion PvP.

This would make the whole process easier and could be a possible solution to what has been an issue raised by players playing specific classes and specs. 

To add to that, they also suggested that maybe a goodie bag of stock consumables could be added on top – ones that only could be used in the Mage Tower.

The Mage Tower is certainly a fun challenge to any WoW player, what’s not fun is having to be hamstrung by outside challenges out of their control such as balancing and tuning issues. Although Blizzard has addressed player feedback on it, this shows more could be done.