WoW players blast Blizzard over missing feature to transfer account regions

WoW players blast Blizzard over missing region feature to transfer accountsBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft has been out for over 17 years and players are flaming Blizzard as the game still doesn’t have a feature that allows them to transfer their account’s region. 

Like most games, WoW has specific regions that people can play on so they can experience the lowest ping possible.

While region lock is a thing, most games allow players to switch which server they are playing on to make sure they don’t lag.

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However, players are frustrated as once a WoW account is made on a specific server, there is no way to transfer the region to somewhere else.

world of warcraft character with two knives fights another character bringing a sword down on themBlizzard Entertainment
WoW accounts are locked to a specific region once they are made.

WoW players demand account region relocation feature 

People that have been playing WoW know how much a grind the game can be and would hate to start all over.

This Reddit post by ‘scvd’ has players losing their minds as the Blizzard game doesn’t let them switch which region their account is in.

This means that if someone were to move to another part of the world they would be forced to play on the account from a different region or start from scratch and make a new one.

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One Redditor who has a North American account but now lives in Europe said the timezone is a huge issue. “I get mad every time I think about the fact I can’t server transfer. Finding a guild that raids at a time that suits me is an absolute nightmare.”

WoW Classic Gameplay AddonsBlizzard Entertainment
WoW players want a feature to transfer their account to another region.

This forces loyal players to either lose years of progress or suck it up and have a less than desirable gaming experience. Another person added, “Every game with regions has it. Every game!”

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The community is frustrated as Blizzard titles like Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty: Warzone all have options to swap which server the account is playing on.

It’s been 17 years since the release of WoW and it is unknown if this feature will ever be added. But one thing is certain, players want this no matter the cost.

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