WoW players ask Blizzard for simple changes to keep game from “dying”

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World of Warcraft players on Reddit have rallied behind a list of changes they want to see implemented to keep the game from “dying.”

Over the last few weeks a lot has been said about the “current state” of WoW. No matter who you ask, things don’t seem to be going too well for anyone — players and developers alike.

Now, a group of fans have some simple changes they think could save their favorite game, or at least stem the bleeding. At the time of writing, the post on the WoW subreddit has over 2,000 upvotes, and is only gaining traction.

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It seems like Blizzard hasn’t been able to get WoW content right in years to some players.

The August 9 post from user ndefo starts out by asking Blizzard to “hear fans out” on the list of fairly simple requests posted.

“Your games are dying. Retail is bleeding. TBC is stale with phase 2 still weeks away,” ndefo points out. “None of us want to see the crash and burn of the game we’ve all loved to get lost in at some point. You’ve got the ability to breathe a breath of fresh air into the game right now.”

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Then they list some of the biggest “lightswitch” changes that could potentially start to turn things around fairly quickly. That is, if Blizzard were to implement them. Things like Timewalking and Availability changes, an ability to sync to old content, expansions, and a revamp of Covenants especially.

“I’m glad they gave [Covenant swapping] a nice shot to keep player choice valuable. But it just plain didn’t work,” ndefo wrote. “I don’t know if you’ll find a player who thought it did. When 9.1 came out, you removed the betrayer requirements. The technology is there to turn it off. So do it. Turn it off, let players swap and grind up renown and experience different ways to play, different perspectives.”

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Fair warning: the post is fairly long, but if you’re a current or even reformed WoW player, it’s worth looking through as the ideas are interesting. Whether or not they would “save” WoW or at least be a start to that end though, it’s impossible to say for sure.

One thing is certain though, it does seem like Blizzard needs to do something. There seem to be more titles competing with WoW for title of “best MMO” than ever before.

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Games like Final Fantasy Online and New World have been racking up huge numbers lately — especially as players and streamers jump ship from Azeroth.

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