WoW player reveals boyfriend’s raging DMs after trying game for first time

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A new WoW player is making waves after posting the outraged message her boyfriend sent her after she tried the game for the first time.

WoW can be a great game to play with others, though if a player is coming in completely new it will undoubtedly take a bit of time for them to get the hang of things.

Ideally, an experienced player helping friends for the first time will have plenty of patience and won’t mind answering their questions. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of how one player’s boyfriend reacted to a very simple question.

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“I guess I don’t make a very good healer lol”

On May 15, a screenshot of a text was posted to the WoW subreddit, with the player explaining they had just started playing the MMO with their boyfriend.

After reading the two walls of text, you might think the new player asked a fairly complicated question about proper positioning during a raid or something like that. But no, instead, they were only wondering what the name of the quest they were going to.

Players in the comments were quick to label the boyfriend a “jerk” and other, more colorful names, but the player said she wasn’t giving up just yet. That, and her boyfriend was actually being helpful.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Beginner quests are intended to introduce players to WoW, but if you rush through them things can get confusing.

“We’re giving it another shot. He’s reading me the quests we’re going to and it’s making it infinitely easier,” they replied. “He still doesn’t understand why but isn’t upset cause it’s working lol. He really never acts like this and I understand the frustration, but the problem was very hard fought and easily fixed.”

They also explained that their boyfriend wanted to rush through early content to prepare for endgame content like raiding.

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While this is all well and good, if they want the full WoW experience, they might want to make another toon to take things slower, and actually immerse themselves in Azeroth, which can make things much more enjoyable — and less stressful.

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