WoW player finally finds game’s rarest item after almost 4 years of searching

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One World of Warcraft player’s long quest has finally come to an end, as they finally got the fabled Pendulum of Doom weapon to drop after almost four years.

Repeatedly running a dungeon or boss for one item in particular is nothing new when it comes to World of Warcraft, but doing so for three and a half years is a level of dedication you don’t get to see all that often.

But that’s just what Reddit user P0R0WL did, according to a recent post detailing their journey all to get the rarest item not just in WoW Classic, but all of World of Warcraft itself: The Pendulum of Doom.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The Pendulum of Doom can only be found in the Badland’s dungeon of Uldaman.

There are rare drops in WoW, and then there’s The Pendulum of Doom. This bad boy has, at best, a 0.03 percent chance of dropping from a few different elite mobs located in the Uldaman dungeon.

P0R0WL started out their quest in the retail version of the game, long before Classic was even a thing. In exactly 2,000 different recorded runs of Uldaman in that time, they saw zero drops.

This would probably be enough for anyone else to call it quits, but when WoW Classic came out in 2019, they just decided to keep on going – and it only took a measly 292 runs in the remake for the two-handed axe to finally appear.

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“The plans for the Pendulum of Doom for me are quite simple. I’m going to be the strongest level 39 Shaman in TBC Classic,” P0R0WL said on Reddit, throwing down a challenge to all the Alliance players out there to just try and take them on with this new toy.

After all these years the Pendulum may have dropped, but P0R0WL’s quest continues.

This find could mark the end of the grind for P0R0WL – at least for a little while. Their overall goal is to get all seven of the so-called “super rare” items from the Uldaman dungeon to drop: the Digmaster 5000, The Jackhammer, Spaulders of a Lost Age, Shadowforge Bushmaster, Miner’s Hat of the Deep, Papal Fez  and obviously, the Pendulum of Doom.

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“I still have NOT found The Jackhammer, Digmaster 5000 & Spaulders of a Lost Age,” the player explained. “I may continue running Uldaman in Burning Crusade for them but for now, I think I might do 8 more runs to make it an even 300 and stop running for awhile.”

We don’t blame P0R0WL one bit for taking a break, especially after this once-in-a-lifetime drop. In the immortal words of Eric Cartman, now he can finally start playing the game.

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