WoW player actually spends $5,000 on Spectral Tiger mount

wow spectral tiger mount next to shocked sylvanas windrunnerBlizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft may be centered around grinding for gear, but why waste time when you could just buy the Spectral Tiger WoW mount for just under $5,000 instead?

Pretty much every dedicated gaming community has a subsection of avid collectors who simply have to have everything – and Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is no exception.

The most elusive of these highly treasured cosmetics is WoW’s Spectral Tiger, whose pet version costs a whopping 528,270 gold. Its mount equivalent, however, comes in at even more. Only available via a redemption code found on the card of the same name in Fires of the Outland decks, it has a rarity of 1 in 484 booster packs according to WoW TCG Loot.

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One player, however, has chosen to take the reins (get it, because WoW mounts come in the form of reins) from lady luck and has bought the mount for a staggering wad of cash.

wow world of warcraft swift spectral tiger mount epic rareBlizzard Entertainment
The Spectral Tiger is one of WoW’s most coveted cosmetics.

WoW player pays $5k for Spectral Tiger mount

While the Spectral Tiger mount can apparently sell from anywhere between $500 to $2,000, one dedicated player has decided to drop almost $5k on the virtual item, netting themselves both the Rare and Epic versions of the flashy feline.

In a tweet from Jeux Video, an Ebay listing shows that a bidding war for an unscratched card ended on December 29, 2021, at 3:28AM CEST. This implies that someone somewhere in Azeroth decided to buy themselves a late Christmas gift by dropping exactly $4,900 on the mount.

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“One player spend 4,300 Euros to receive a mount in World of Warcraft,” reads the tweet. “The Spectral Tiger is obtained via a rare card, which is almost nowhere to be found. It was for sale on Ebay.”

Funnily enough, the seller wasn’t going to accept refunds.

While several comments attacked the buyer for choosing to spend their money on an in-game item, others have written “as long as it makes him happy and “we do what we want with our money and do not need the approval of others.”

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Whether you’re secretly jealous of this mystery player, or alternatively just stunned, we know they’ll be running around the plains of Azeroth flaunting their new prize!

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