WoW patch 9.2.7 to add new trade feature for Raids, Dungeons & PvP

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has announced a brand-new feature coming in WoW patch 9.2.7 that will introduce a massive change up to the trade chat for the first time in 18 years.

WoW’s Trade channel hasn’t changed much since the MMO first came out in 2004. It’s where players sell items and advertise things like PvP groups, and also runs through dungeons or raids.

However, in patch 9.2.7 Blizzard will be making a brand-new channel specifically for advertising these services that should hopefully make finding what players want far easier.

WoW adding new Trade Services chat

In a bluetext post on June 30 on the official WoW forums, Blizzard announced they would be adding a specific Trade chat for advertising services like PvP and dungeon runs.

This new Trade (Services) channel would be separate from the main one, where items and professions are bought and sold.

Anyone who plays Retail WoW or Classic can tell you trade chat can be a bit hectic, even at the best of times. Hopefully, splitting these up will make both channels easier to navigate, and cut down on the time for players to find what they need.

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WoW update 9.2.7 should introduce major quality-of-life changes before the Dragonflight expansion comes out.

In addition to a new trade chat, the bluetext also announced a major change coming to the Auction House in 9.2.7, as well. When the patch goes live, commodities like gems, herbs, flasks, and that kind of stuff will be shared in your region as a whole, not just your realm.

This should make selling these items easier, and making gold from grinding and farming a little more efficient.

With Dragonflight the next WoW DLC coming up after Shadowlands, it’s good to see that Blizzard isn’t putting off quality-of-life changes like this. Patch 9.2.7 is currently live on the PTR, but when it will see a full release is still unknown.