WoW guild that earned World’s First Ragnaros kill calls it quits: “Enough’s enough”


WoW Classic raid group, APES, are effectively defunct after their owner ‘Maitoz’ and other members called it quits since the “magic from WoW kind of died.”

When WoW Classic first launched in 2019, there was a race to clear out and take down the Molten Core raid along with Ragnaros the Firelord. APES famously took on the challenge, at a surprising pace, and was the first group to claim the kill after a two-hour long battle.

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The achievement made their guild’s name ring through Azeroth. The conditions within WoW Classic since then, however, has led to multiple people leaving the guild.

While they banded together for this long, guild leader Maitoz is quitting Blizzard’s MMORPG after 15 years of logging into the game.

WoW APES guild quits raiding

“I just wanted to say, I quit,” Maitoz said in a Sept 9 Twitch stream. “APES won’t function as a guild anymore.

“That is the end. Reasons? I have been thinking about quitting for a long time now. The game just hasn’t really been what I and most of my guild have been looking for.”

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While it sounds like a case of game-fatigue, Maitoz poins to the state of WoW Classic which isn’t satisfying for the game’s longtime players.

“I keep playing out of a sense of loyalty, a sense of friendship,” Maitoz continued. “I’ve been playing this game for 15 years now. Enough’s enough…

“I think Classic started dying after Blackwing Lair, in the sense that it stopped being Classic and it turned into this money factory for boosters. Complete bot-meta too, man. There is no real PvP anymore, like the magic from WoW kind of died.”

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Another member of the group, ‘prefoxfox,’ said that the APES tag might stick around for a bit as social hub for people in the group, but the guild’s days are effectively over.

“The guild won’t continue,” he said. “There might be one roster that might continue, like people in the guild that still want to play together. But it’ll probably be under a different tag.”

Both retail and WoW Classic have been getting their fair share of criticisms, as longtime players have spoken out about the game’s need for meaningful updates and gameplay enhancements.

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