WoW fans slam “dumb” Dragonflight pre-order transmog

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As Blizzard reveal that World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Dragonflight, will release in 2022, WoW fans have been left less than impressed by the Epic pre-order edition’s exclusive transmog.

Breathing new life into Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Dragonflight, sees our heroes make their triumphant return to the world they hold dear after banishing The Jailer.

Set to drop before the end of the year, Blizzard have officially released pre-orders for the game. With the base edition, Heroic Edition, and Epic Edition filled to bursting with a slew of different goodies, some have already picked up the next chapter in the WoW saga – but unfortunately have been left unimpressed.

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For those looking to purchase the Epic Edition and earn yourself the cool-looking Wings of Awakening transmog, it turns out that you may want to save your hard-earned cash for something else.

world of warcraft wow dragonflight epic edition pre-order rewards wings of awakening transmogBlizzard Entertainment
The Wings of Awakening (seen on the elf in the far right) have left players less than impressed.

WoW fans slam Dragonflight Epic Edition transmog

In a Reddit post entitled “Fellow Demon Hunters: I bought it so you don’t have to,” one fan has shown off a 360-degree view of the Wings of Awakening in-game, referring to them as “dumb.”

While the wings themselves don’t look awful (perhaps a little small for the character), the real killer is when the player jumps and uses their Demon Hunter wings to glide.

The transmog effectively blocks the flight animation, making it look as though the character has two sets of wings – one moving, and the other completely stationary.

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“They could have literally just given us an option to transmog the Wrathion trinket… It‘s already in the game, and it‘s so much better!” writes one player, while a second comments “seriously… why wouldn’t they just make them bigger.”

“I was hoping for something like the wings in Diablo 3, but this is more like what is expected from WoW,” reads another response, referencing the dynamic, flapping transmog wings seen in Blizzard’s sister title.

A final reply states “I’m convinced the person(s) who made these wings either doesn’t play WoW or doesn’t care about transmogs,” summarizing the majority’s sentiment.

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As we draw ever closer to the return of the dragons and a whole new chapter in the Warcraft story, it’ll be interesting to see if the transmog gets amended ahead of release. At the moment though, we’ll be giving the Wings of Awakening a hard pass.