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WoW fans slam Blizzard for “forcing” BFA content on new players

Published: 22/Jan/2022 20:20

by André González Rodríguez


Some World of Warcraft fans are slamming Blizzard for “forcing” Battle for Azeroth’s content on new players.

From its beginnings with World of Warcraft Classic where Azeroth’s heroes focused on maintaining Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms safe to crossing over to the afterlife itself in Shadowlands, WoW players have had a lot of content to sift through.

This is especially the case for newcomers breaking into the game for the first time. As opposed to a seasoned WoW fan who’s played for years, newer fans can get overwhelmed with how much there is to do.

It can become even more difficult when the creators of the game itself do not make proper adjustments for them, at times forcing them to play through certain content.


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World of Warcraft has released eight expansions.

WoW fans slam Blizzard for “forcing” BFA content onto new players

First brought up by the Reddit user Goblinsexbot on the official World of Warcraft subreddit, the post explained how it’s unfair that new players are “forced to run through BFA” due to how certain game mechanics work, mainly flying.

As it stands, once a player hits level 30 they get a quest that notifies them that they’ve unlocked flying. This is usable in almost any expansion, except the most recent ones: Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands.

When new players play the game, they’re forced to run through BFA, when they hit level 30 they get a quest that tells them they’ve unlocked flying. They return to BFA and can’t fly with no explanation as to why. from wow

The user found it confusing that once new players hit level 30 and get notified of their ability to fly they “return to BFA and can’t fly with no explanations as to why.” They later questioned Blizzard, stating, “Seriously, how are new players expected to tell the difference between bugs and core game design?”


These sentiments were supported by other WoW fans in the subreddit with one stating, “That’s a valid point. They should just consolidate all the old world flying into one.”

While another said “It’s a valid point and they should unlock flying at level 30 and keep it forever. Not being able to fly in current content is bad and Blizzard should feel bad for doing it to us starting in cata.”

Over the years flying has become essential to WoW, with many zones to explore and quests to complete, players can benefit from such a mechanic. Only time will tell if Blizzard makes a change.