WoW fans flame Blizzard Community Council over player feedback

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WoW players are calling WoW’s Community Council nothing more than a PR stunt after not getting any response from the dev team at all.

The Community Council was announced in November of 2021, with Blizzard touting it as another venue for communication between players and WoW developers.”

However, players are flaming it as nothing more than a public relations stunt after multiple posts with thousands of views and likes on the WoW forums have gone unanswered by devs.

WoW Community Council “intended as PR”

On January 10, 2022, Reddit user Tornatel posted just a few examples of posts meant for the Community Council that were heavily discussed by the community but had no response from retail devs at all. Classic devs, on the other hand, did respond and engage.

“What was the point of Community Counci9l if they don’t reply?” they wondered. “Looks like only WoW Classic team responds in Community Council, given that 90% of posts are about retail.”

All the Community Council really was though, was a PR stunt to make the community think they were being listened to, according to other users.

“It was intended as PR,” the top response to Tornatel said. “They made it to look like they’re looking and listening for feedback, ultimately so the community would look more positively at them. All it will be is another place feedback will be ignored.”

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The Community Council initially sounded like a good idea, but only WoW Classic devs seem to remember it exists.

There is a silver lining to this latest unforced error by Blizzard though, which is that the company may have just used up the last bit of goodwill fans had.

“Lots of people called it out this time though, was kind of nice to see,” another user replied. “Blizzard’s BS has reached its breaking point, no one believes them anymore.”

Blizzard has had other forums for “player interaction” before, and they’ve all basically gone the same way. Blizzard announces a new way to communicate with the community, and then promptly forget about it. This time though, it seems players’ patience has run out.