WoW fans beg Blizzard for more character customization ahead of Shadowlands 9.2 patch

André González Rodríguez
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Although the World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1.5 patch added more character customization, fans are begging Blizzard to add even more ahead of the 9.2 patch.

WoW Shadowlands’ 9.1.5 patch came in as a much-needed bandaid for what many players thought were important changes and additions. Within these additions were more customization options, specifically for Allied Races.

Fans that prefer to play races such as the Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, or Void Elves, have been able to add more personality to their looks. It also brought a whole range of new features to the character creation library.

Even though Blizzard made additions, fans are still desperate for more.

WoW Allied racesBlizzard Entertainment
Allied races joined WoW during its Battle for Azeroth expansion.

WoW fans want more customization options going into 9.2 patch

More customization options will always be wanted by WoW players, the community is begging Blizzard to add even more. Instead of the usual hairstyle or tattoo addition, the game’s fans want something outside the box.

First brought up by Reddit user The_Cyberbard on the official WoW subreddit, the poster made it clear that the game still could use some more options stating “we still need more Character Customization” and went on to give a handful of examples.

The_Cyberbard included changes for specific races and additions to all races. The additions for all races brought forth the idea of additional voice options, alternate body postures, and improved mount riding. While race-specific changes got into the nitty-gritty, bringing ideas for particular races.


Some of these ideas were for both Void Elves and Blood elves such as tattoos and runes for rangers and spellcasters, additional face options for female characters, and improved beards for males. While also making sure that both the Void Elves and Blood Elves had additions for each race specifically. Ideas such as more hair options for Void Elves and red eyes for Blood Elves were examples.

This post got other community members thinking of more ideas to add to the list. “One thing I’d love to see, if possible, would be more class-related customizations for all races. Like arcane glowy eyes or arcane runes for mages, holy glowing eyes for paladins and priests,” added one fan.

While another mentioned animations, stating: “I’d love it if you could choose your chars animations. Idle animations, casting animations, dance anims, etc. It would add a lot more personality to characters.”

Additional customization options for characters will always be a hit for WoW fans. They view it as a way to express themselves even further. Only time will tell if Blizzard will keep adding more in the future.