WoW Dragonflight players meme potential Warrior talent as “insane buff”

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World of Warcraft Dragonflight players noticed a potential new class talent for the Warrior class that brutally roasts them.

WoW’s next expansion, Dragonflight, is slated for launch in late 2022. As Blizzard gears up for the new content to be available this year, the company has been hosting an alpha phase where they test out all of the new changes, updates, and new race, Dracthyr, before release.

While the alpha is still ongoing, WoW players noticed a new general class talent for Warrior that has quite a cheeky name.

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WoW players roast Warriors over new Dragonflight talent

A post by casual_catgirl on the WoW subreddit shot to the top of the page in just one day after being uploaded.

Catgirl titled the post, “Spoilers :Warriors getting insane buffs” along with a screenshot of a list of speculated Warrior general clas talents coming with Dragonflight.

In the newest expansion, Blizzard is revamped how talents work, bringing back talent trees and making different spells more universal for all specializations within a class.

The potential Warrior talent in question is titled, “Critical Thinking” which increases critical strike chance by 2%.

WoW players found the name of the talent quite sarcastic considering Warrior players aren’t exactly known for their intellect.

Users in the comment section continued to roast Warrior players. One commenter said, “Warriors would be very upset if they could read that.”

A Warrior player chimed in and noted, “As a warrior main, the only critical thinking I need is criticalling the enemy.”

While the Critical Thinking class talent isn’t confirmed just yet, it would be quite hilarious to add it once Dragonflight drops sometime in 2022.