WoW Dragonflight player recreates Overwatch’s Doomfist in perfect crossover

Doomfist buffs in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Dragonflight fans are going berserk over a hilarious crossover that brings Overwatch’s Doomist into the World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft has seen a bit of a revival since the launch of the latest expansion Dragonflight.

The expansion has breathed new life into the player base with an all-new class, zone, raids, and much more.

With so many new and returning players brought back to Azeroth, one Overwatch player has commemorated their love for both the FPS and WoW with a perfect yet hilarious crossover.

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WoW and Overwatch Doomfist crossover stuns fans

Redditor Stralex123 went viral after submitting a post to the WoW subreddit which instantly garnered huge attention.

The post included a Mechagnome they created that uniquely resembled Doomfist from Overwatch.

The Mechagnome has golden arms and legs, just like his OW counterpart. He’s even sporting a massive right arm, and his name is fittingly “Doomfist.”

Fellow WoW and Overwatch fans in the comment section were stunned by the accuracy and hilarity of the customized character.

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One player said, “OMG what have you done.”

Another added, “This is how Doomfist feels in OW2 after they changed him from god DPS to potato tank.”

Doomfist has certainly had his power scaled back in Overwatch 2, as the hero was swapped from DPS to Tank, and overall is now much less effective on the battlefield.

One WoW player noted, “This is so cursed and at the same time the best Mechagnome I’ve ever seen, lol.”

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While this might be slightly cursed, it is too accurate a recreation of Doomfist not to laugh at.