WoW Dragonflight players just proved pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza

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A World of Warcraft: Dragonflight player found an in-game item that proves pineapple and pizza don’t mix well.

For reasons unknown, the debate of whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza has not yet ceased. The unending discourse continues to invade pop culture, too, evidenced by Mike calling the combination “blasphemous” in Stranger Things Season 4.

Of course, a fair few video games have joined the discussion in recent years. Cyberpunk 2077, for example, features wanted posters for criminals who violated the Pizza Violation Act by adding pineapple products to pizza.

What does World of Warcraft say about this particular bit of controversy, though? Players don’t have to search too far to find out.

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WoW player finds pineapple pizza in-game

While exploring the popular MMORPG, Reddit user D2N8iv stumbled across an interesting in-game item – pineapple pizza. Strangely enough, consuming the pizza offers players nothing in the way of benefits.

The item description notes that it instead “restores no health.” Worse still, the pineapple-laden food actually reduces stamina by 5 percent for 30 seconds.

As the Redditor wrote in their caption, this seems to prove the fruit does not belong on pizza.

Naturally, this sparked debate in the Reddit thread. One World of Warcraft player wrote, “[c]ause Blizzard has never been on the wrong side of things.”

“It just proves some pineapple hater slipped their agenda into the game,” someone else said.

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Meanwhile, those who don’t really care for the combination simply remain baffled that people are “so passionately against it.”

The item itself isn’t exactly new to World of Warcraft. Some fans were finding pineapple pizza as far back as July 2020. But it seems not everyone has enjoyed the pleasure of seeing what someone at Blizzard thinks of the controversial pairing.