WoW Dragonflight leaks reveal new Alexstrasza model and 8 unreleased mounts

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New leaks for World of Warcraft Dragonflight show off a brand new in-game model for Alexstraza as well as nearly a dozen new mounts for the upcoming expansion.

Dragonflight’s alpha has now launched, giving just a select few players the first glance at WoW’s latest expansion where players will journey into the Dragon Isles for the very first time ever.

While tons of new content is coming including a whole new race and class, a new character model for star of the expansion Alexstraza has leaked showing fans a massive visual upgrade for the Life-Bidner herself.

On top of that, WoW diehards have also found models for eight new mounts on their way, including an adorable otter.

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WoW’s Dragonflight expansion arrives in late 2022.

WoW Dragonflight leak shows Alexstraza and brand new mounts

On July 14, the Dragonflight alpha went live, and as is tradition, players dug through the game’s files to reveal unseen content.

In the leak, Alexstraza’s new outfit for Dragonflight was shown up. The guardian of all life on Azeroth is now rocking tons of gold in a spiky new outfit you wouldn’t want to get too close to. The red and the gold come together for a truly fashionable fit.

On top of her new threads, new mounts were data mined which also whipped up WoW players into a frenzy.

The eight new unearthed mounts included stars like an otter, a molten mammoth, and a lava snail.

While all of the mounts are awesome, the otter completely stole the show as an adorable mount players we surely rush to obtain.

As we draw closer and closer to Dragonflight’s official release, new content will continue to be revealed.