WoW Dragonflight devs respond amid pre-patch Tempest Unleashed reward concerns

WoW pre Dragonflight eventBlizzard

With the release of WoW Dragonflight, pre-patch event Tempest Unleashed is now winding down though many have been left unable to claim every reward. Thankfully, developers have already identified the issue and responded to alleviate concern.

As with most WoW expansions, pre-patch content has been a highlight for players ahead of the Dragonflight launch. Namely, the early Tempest Unleashed event has been easing many back into the grind and serving up a number of limited-time rewards in the process.

By collecting Primeval Essence from Primal Storms, players were able to claim a full set of level 252 armor, a unique Bag of Furious Winds toy, along with the Primal Stormling battle pet. However, arguably the main draw was the bonus Unstable Elemental Confluence heirloom trinket.

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This rare heirloom could only be acquired by combining all four elements (Earth, Fire, Storm, and Water) during the event. Those who claimed it unlocked the trinket that increases your primary stat and comes with a chance to call upon primal magic, damaging foes and bolstering allies in the process.

Unfortunately for some, this pre-release event didn’t quite go off without a hitch. Many were unable to track down Air Primal Storms in particular, as Storm Lord spawns seemingly bugged on multiple servers. This left countless players without even so much as a chance of obtaining the full range of pre-Dragonflight rewards.

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WoW Dragonflight gameplayBlizzard
WoW players still have a chance to finish up Tempest Unleashed challenges, even with Dragonflight now live.

Though on the day of the new expansion, WoW Community Manager ‘Linxy’ took to the Blizzard forums to assure the dev team is well aware of the issue.

With Dragonflight now live, Linxy announced Air Primal Storms are now active in Un’goro Crater. This alone should give players a final window in which to track down the Storm Lord, defeat all challenges in the area, and claim the Storm element for the heirloom. Though that’s not all.

“Don’t fret if you’re unable to collect all four Dimmed Primeval elemental items for the Heirloom trinket before the Tempest Unleashed event ends,” Linxy added. “They can be obtained once again in the Dragonflight Primal Storms.”

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So players have an even bigger window in which to complete the Tempest Unleashed reward set, even after the pre-patch event winds down. Whether you were unable to grind before the expansion or you were just missing that last element, this should be welcome news to WoW players across the board.