WoW devs confirm player housing won’t be in Dragonflight expansion

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Warcraft fans have been asking for player housing in Azeroth for years, but unfortunately, it won’t be arriving with Dragonflight.

Player housing is a popular feature in some MMOs like Runescape, but has never been a thing in WoW.

Other than our own farms in Mists of Panderia, Warcraft players have never really had a customizable space we could call our own.

Despite being a highly requested feature by the community, we know for sure that player housing won’t be coming with Dragonflight.

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Warcraft dev confirms player housing isn’t coming to Dragonflight

Blizzard Entertainment
NPCs will have their own cribs, but players will once again be homeless.

In an interview with Tech Pulse, WoW Production Director Patrick Dawson explained that devs have actually thought a lot about player housing before.

“It’s [player housing] an interesting feature idea,” Dawson said. “We talk about it from time to time and always conclude that it will take a lot of effort to get it right.”

Despite being an idea that’s bounced around from time to time though, customizable player homes won’t be a part of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion.

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Blizzard Entertainment
WoW players will be ‘homeless’ once again in Dragonflight.

“If we do it then it has to be amazing and exactly what players expect,” he continued. “It’s not something we are considering for Dragonflight.”

So there you have it, we definitely won’t be seeing player housing in Dragonflight, but we certainly could see it in a future expansion. If Blizzard can get it right, that is.

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