WoW dev explains how Dragonflight Chromie Time changes will work

Blizzard Entertainment

There are a ton of changes coming to WoW for the Dragonflight expansion, including an increase to the max level players can reach in Chromie Time.

Chromie Time was first added in Shadowlands, and allows players to level a new character up in any of WoW’s past expansions before hopping into the new content.

This system will be returning for Dragonflight, but with a few key changes to bring it up to speed with the latest expansion.

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Chromie Time changes in Dragonflight explained

Funnily enough, Chromie is technically a dragonkin as well, and should fit right into Dragonflight.

In an interview with Fanbyte, World of Warcraft Director Ion Hazzikostas explained the changes coming to Chromie Time, and what’s in store for the mechanic for future expansions as well.

“Our current plan is to rescale all of the existing expansions, including Shadowlands, from 10 to 60,” Hazzikostas said. “So, that its come out of Exile’s Reach, or play the starting experience of your choice and then pick any of the single expansions that you want to play through and that will get you through to Dragonflight.”

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Chromie Time proved to be a popular mechanic in Shadowlands, being one of the few features introduced in that expansion that players actually appreciated.

Based on what Ion told Fanbyte, we can probably expect it to stick around for future expansions as well, and maybe even see a WoW without levels one day.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hazzikostas has been at the helm of WoW for years.

“We’ve definitely tossed around the idea of what would it look like if we stopped adding levels or if we did level-less expansions,” Hazzikostas revealed.

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“But, levels do a lot for us and for every RPG, there’s a reason that they’re a tried and true method and it’s a straightforward increase in power, new stuff to look forward to, now new talent points and so saying we’re just going to stop doing that would raise a lot of questions that we would need to find satisfying answers to.”

“In the meantime, we also want to focus on making sure that the experience you get tomorrow is as good as it can be, and not necessarily hamstring that for the sake of solving the 6 years from now problem,” he continued. “6 years from now doesn’t matter if this year isn’t fun.”

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So, even though most players are looking forward to seeing Shadowlands and most of its features in the rear-view mirror, Chromie Time is one that looks like it will stick around for awhile to come.