WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade pre-expansion update live: Patch notes & Dark Portal event

Alex Garton
WoW Classic Burning Crusade

World of Warcraft Classic’s Burning Crusade pre-expansion patch is now live and it’s given players some new features before the game’s full launch.

After making the nostalgic journey through the 17-year-old WoW Classic, players can now look forward to the next chapter in the world of Azeroth.

With the Burning Crusade expansion set to launch on June 1, the whole community is gearing up to step foot through the Dark Portal and enter the Outland.

However, as with any WoW expansion, the Burning Crusade comes with a pre-patch that gives players a taste of what they can expect when the major update goes live.

These pre-patch additions are available to check out now in-game and there’s even an exclusive event that involves the Dark Portal.

Burning Crusade Classic
The Burning Crusade goes live in Classic on June 1.

WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-expansion patch notes

The Burning Crusade pre-expansion patch went live on May 19 and has added a series of new features to the game. These new additions mainly give players the chance to prepare for the new expansion and decide what to do with their characters.

  • New Playable Races – The Dranei and the Blood Elves are now playable from their new starting areas.
  • Classic or Burning Crusade – Players will have to decide for each of their characters on whether to progress them to the next expansion or keep them in Vanilla WoW.
  • New Profession – Jewel crafting is now available to be leveled up to 300.
  • Dark Portal Pass – The Dark Portal pass is a purchasable boost available to players that takes their character instantly to max level in the new expansion.
  • Character Clone – The Character Clone service is available to players who want to duplicate their character so they can have it on both BC and Vanilla.
  • New Gameplay Systems – New choices are available to players with talent trees, builds, and abilities.
  • Battle for the Dark Portal – A pre-launch event is available for players to take part in before the launch on June 1.

WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-expansion trailer

Blizzard has released an official trailer for the pre-expansion detailing all of the new features available to players.

Pre-expansion Battle for the Dark Portal event

Before anyone can step foot through the Dark Portal on June 1, players must take on a series of Demonic invaders. According to the developers, it involves taking on “Highlord Kruul and a host of demonic invaders that have arrived in Azeroth”.

This pre-expansion event will only be available before the Burning Crusade’s full release, so make sure you join the fight and pick up some exclusive rewards.

There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the Burning Crusade pre-expansion patch.

Take this time to prepare for June 1 and ensure you’re ready to step foot through the Dark Portal when the Burning Crusade expansion arrives.