WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade leaks claim beta and release date are soon

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

The Burning Crusade expansion will be the next major expansion to World of Warcraft Classic, and some are claiming a new release date has already been leaked, but not everyone is convinced.

Basically, since Blizzard announced WoW Classic, it’s been assumed that eventually, we’ll be getting the other expansions, starting with Burning Crusade and going from there in the order each one was released.

With the release of Naxxramas to finish off 2020, it’s pretty clear that TBC will be coming our way sometime in 2021, but several WoW YouTubers are now claiming leaks say it will be here sooner than anyone expected.

In the video above, WoW content creator Staysafe TV claims to have seen leaked dates and thanks to a number of other factors, he and other YouTubers seem to believe them. We’re not saying you should buy in completely as these are still unconfirmed leaks, but it is interesting to consider.

If we’re to believe the info in the video, which is getting a lot of mileage, Burning Crusade’s beta will get going sometime in mid-February, with the prepatch update set to happen on April 13/14, depending on whether you live in the US/EU.

This would all lead up to a global release for TBC on May 3 for US servers, and May 4 for the rest of the world, which is a lot sooner than anyone expected, to put it lightly.

The leaked starting dates for Burning Crusade, according to StaysafeTV.

As World of Warcraft streaming star Asmongold explained when he watched Staysafe’s video, not a lot of people are playing Classic at the moment, and if Burning Crusade is coming so soon, that won’t really help things.

“I just don’t want to see what happened with Naxx the first time happen again, where people don’t want to clear it anymore because they know TBC is coming out,” Asmon explained. “Maybe they want to push it as early as possible to make money, who knows what’s going to happen.”

Another thing to consider is that BlizzConline, the online replacement for the canceled BlizzCon event in 2020, doesn’t happen until February 19-20, which could potentially be after the TBC Beta gets going.

If there’s a beta going on you would expect an announcement, which we all thought would be coming at BlizzConline. The ‘leak’ is conveniently vague though, so “mid-February” could just mean after the announcement happens during the event.

No matter what happens, it’s probably best to take these dates with a grain of salt. Even if they’re not right on the money though, it’s clear Blizzard won’t be waiting too long to release TBC in 2021.