WoW Classic griefer running 16 accounts gets banned live on Twitch

Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Classic streamer TinyViolin69 has been banned from the game live on Twitch for griefing while running 16 separate accounts.

When it comes to the online gaming universe, we’ll never be able to escape cheaters no matter the title or type of game. World of Warcraft, funnily enough, is no different.

It turns out that the WoW universe is plagued by a whole host of unsavoury creatures, including scammers reminding you that your car insurance needs renewing.

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On the other end of the spectrum, WoW Classic streamer TinyViolin69 has been banned for griefing, but the nature of the ban situation is pretty embarrassing.

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WoW Classic griefer banned mid stream

The WoW: Classic streamer was hit with the Blizzard banhammer midway through his stream, exposing his cheating to both his viewers and the world.

Running 16 different accounts, all of which had been boosted and paid for, the player was camping World Buff sites. These are essential for PvP players, as they let them earn huge advantages. They require a lot of effort to get, so earning your buff really is a lot of work.

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The streamer was dispelling buffs after others had fought so hard to get them, forcing them to redo the gruelling process all over again.

As you can imagine, this made TinyViolin69 pretty unpopular in the WoW Classic universe, so when Blizzard kicked him off of his accounts on stream fans everywhere came together for an impromptu celebration.

In a Reddit thread dedicated to the situation, WoW fans are hardly sympathetic towards the streamer being banned.

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One respondent writes “dude has enough money to pay for a dozen wow accounts + boosting, but apparently not enough for psychological help,” while another writes that “he thinks he’s hot s**t, it’s amazing how lacking in self-awareness these kinds of players are.”

Whether or not the ban affects his future in the WoW streaming universe remains to be seen, and we’ll see if Blizzard choose to lift the ban.