World of Warcraft players clown Blizzard over Evoker buff

warcraft evoker buffActivision Blizzard

The WoW community on Reddit has turned its confusion about the Evoker raid buff in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight into a humorous meme.

Blizzard Entertainment unleashed a third hero class, Dracthyr Evoker, with the launch of WoW: Dragonflight late last year.

A spell-casting warrior belonging to the hybrid humanoid-dragon race Dracthyr, the Evoker represents an interesting combination of race and class.

By most accounts, the new hero class offers a fun and compelling way to experience the nearly 20-year-old MMORPG. However, post-launch changes have even left veteran World of Warcraft players scratching their heads in confusion.

Warcraft fans still don’t understand the Evoker raid buff

“Still not sure what the Evoker Buff does tbh,” reads the caption of a post from WoW player and Reddit user Naethix.

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What accompanies the post is a meme, a 23-second clip to the tune of Shakira’s ‘She Wolf’ wherein someone meant to explain the raid buff seems equally confused.

The mystery goes unanswered by the end of the video, which features in the following post:

Based on Reddit comments, many World of Warcraft fans found the meme hilarious. Some even described it as all too “accurate.”

While a few Redditors tossed around more jokes at Blizzard’s expense, there were those who tried pinpointing the buff’s benefits.

One Warcraft user claimed the Evoker raid buff improves the mobility of some classes. A few other people added that movement-based abilities will receive a cooldown.

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The accuracy of these statements remains unknown since there appears to be no official word on the matter from Blizzard. But at least WoW fans are getting good memes out of the ongoing confusion.